Why Laptop Angel?

We are a bunch of computer specialists that have worked both in agencies and the events industries.

We understand that sometimes agencies go through short bursts of frantic activity where there is a need to bring in extra staff and that during those periods computer horsepower is at a premium.

Our experience in the event industry has also shown that there are periods and shows that require short term extra graphics or video production power. All of our hire devices are top of the range with hardware and software options that ensure you get the right piece of kit for the job.

It's always good to know someone's close by with the ability to offer support.



The upshot of this is that if you have a short or medium term need for a laptop or desktop device configured correctly to do exactly what you need right now! give the Laptop Angel a call for a quote.

Contact info

13 Slade Castle Walk, Saggart Dublin 24

+353 872675563